Centers Lab is dedicated to supplying laboratory services to the long-term health care and private physician industry, as well as having multiple phlebotomy service sites. We are committed to providing our services in an ethical and law-abiding manner – personalized superior and ethical service – representing prompt, accurate, compassionate and highly individualized service to best meet the needs of our clients and the patients they service. Our clients will receive a level of service that enhances the quality of life of the individual in their care, and honors the dignity and self-respect of each of their patients. Our staff is treated with respect and fairness, have an understanding of what is expected of them and their level of performance, and have the opportunity to participate, learn and develop. The overall environment of the laboratory is such that it supports innovation, permits challenges, and creates a work environment that encourages, rewards and allows employees to realize their greatest potential. The latter greatly contributes to the development of programs and delivery systems that result in an effective and efficient service.  

Our commitment is to create a sense of trust and confidence with our clients, patients and any other individual that needs our service.